BBQ Pork Loin Rib 5Kg Family Pack

Product description: BBQ Pork Loin Rib 5Kg Family Pack

Manufacturing process: Fully cooked, BBQ marinated.

Shelf life: 30 days fresh, 6 months frozen.

Defrost instructions: Defrost in refrigerated temperatures only.

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Our pork baby back loin rib is of the finest local and
import produce. This rib is a premium, lean and very
meaty cut of rib. The fat to meat ratio is minimal, yet
succulent and full flavoured. This rib is an absolute
must for any rib raging fan and will have your
customers raging time over and time again! Fully
cooked to perfection and marinated with our custom
made BBQ sauce, its a sticky, succulent mouth
watering party in your mouth.


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