Lamb Ribs – Rib Rage

Product description: Lamb spare ribs.
Case dimensions: 620mm x 400mm x 150mm.
Portion options: 450g-550g & 1000g-1500g full rack.
Racks per case Full rack: 20-28 full racks.
Racks per case 550g-750g: 24-28 racks.
Case size: 4 x 5kg packs. 20kg V/W
Manufacturing process: Fully cooked, barbecue mint marinated.
Marinade ratio: 70% cooked meat-30% BBQ sauce.
Shelf life: 30days fresh, 6 months frozen.
Product designation: Service industry.
Stacking limit: 8 cases up.
Packaging used: Cardboard tray and lid.
Defrost instructions: Defrost in refridgerated
temperatures only.

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Our lamb spare rib is manufactured from the finest A
grade South African lamb. A very meaty rib with just
enough fat that ensures a well rounded, rich yet subtle
flavour. Fully cooked to perfection and marinated in
our custom made BBQ sauce with a touch of mint.
This extremely tender lamb rib is a great menu item
in any establishment.

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Weight 20 kg


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