BBQ Chicken Wings 1Kg


Product description: BBQ Chicken Wings 1Kg
Manufacturing process: Fully cooked, marinated.
Flavours available. BBQ, lemon & herb, peri-peri.
Marinade ratio: 70% cooked meat-30% sauce.
Shelf life: 30 days fresh, 6 months frozen.
Product designation: Service industry.
Stacking limit: 8 cases up.
Packaging used: Cardboard tray and lid.
Defrost instructions: Defrost in refridgerated
temperatures only.


Our fully cooked chicken wings are selected from the
finest local and import poultry. With a selection of
flavours from our fine custom made basting sauces,
you will go cuckoo for more! Perfect for any starter,
snack item or menu combo. Fully cooked to perfection
and marinated, these wings are absolutely delicous,
sticky and meaty.

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Weight 20 kg


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